about studio illusia

welcome, dreamer ☁️ studio illusia is a small art and fashion business operating in canada, making sugary sweet dreams come to life. we're all about celebrating the power of femininity and self-expression. my brand offers adorable pastel clothing with no shortage of puffy sleeves and whimsical fake cake art.

at studio illusia, we value inclusivity and empathy. this is a positive and safe space for ALL dreamers to embrace their unique selves. i design for people who yearn for the innocence of childhood and who love a statement piece.

my clothing is made in canada in small batches and with hand-picked materials, ensuring the highest of quality. all of my accessories and fake cake pieces are handmade by myself with love and great attention to detail. they're the perfect way to add a touch of sweetness to an outfit or a room.

studio illusia is not just a brand; it's a community of dreamers embracing their own version of femininity. together, we can create a world where everyone feels free to explore their uniqueness.

whether you're looking for adorable high-quality clothing that makes your heart flutter or mouthwatering handmade art, studio illusia is the place for you. come and be a part of this sugary pastel wonderland 💗

about the designer

i'm ana, a fashion designer and artist with a love for all things cute. i strive to infuse loveliness into everything i do to make winters less gloomy and to invoke childlike whimsy through fun patterns and textures.

after graduating from university and feeling unsure about my future career, i decided to try to focus on my passion for art and enrolled in a school for fashion design. there, i honed in on my personal art style and started creating a brand based on a pastel winter wonderland. studio illusia began as as only a fashion brand, but i found that i adored turning boring everyday objects into mouthwatering fake cake art and thought "why not do both?" boxes, lightswitch covers, picture frames, vases, mirrors, you name it—i transform them into delicious-looking home decor, adding a dash of sweetness to the ordinary and making every moment a little more magical.